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Day 6: The Early Bird

blue map of TexasI don’t know if it is the energy of the road or my daily chats with The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers co-author, Honoree Corder, (heretofore referred to simply as my author buddy), but I’m getting out of bed at around 8:30 a.m. everyday. And I’m crushing it in a way that could be best described as miraculous.

8:30 a.m. may not seem early to most, but I’ve long been an advocate of the school of thought that getting up before noon was unnatural and wrong. Sometimes, even noon was a little too early.

Now, here I am up and ready for my day.

I’m also surprised at how well the writing is going when I start out first thing. Loving data as I do, I probably should have tested different start times to figure out when I was best able to use my words.

The thing about the early start is I forgo the daily ritual: beginning to think about writing around 3 p.m., checking social media, watching Netflix for a couple hours, taking a nap, “liking” guinea pig photos on Facebook, making sure there isn’t anything I NEED to see on Hulu, having dinner (and the post-dinner slumber), revisiting Facebook just in case, and then around midnight diving into my story. It’s hard to believe I never considered there might be a better way.

For those of you that think the last paragraph was me being silly, it wasn’t. That was my life. Okay, it wasn’t like that every day. There were a lot of days where book business management stuff curbed my procrastination, but the point is that now I get right into the work.

The Riverwalk, San Antonio

The Riverwalk, San Antonio

On this particular day when 4 p.m. rolled around I had gotten quite a bit of work done and was ready to find food like the ancient nomads did: I Googled restaurants “On the River Walk in San Antonio.” I chose Waxy O’Conners.

Nothing says Southwestern USA tradition like an Irish pub.

The bar had a lot of empty seats so I bellied up to it and settled in. I had two objectives: food and Warriors vs. Grizzles. Cori and Christine were able to help with both of them.

Before my burger arrived, two gentlemen sat down next to me. I started to mingle, as I am want to do.

Day 6 Waxy

Alex and Mike

Alex and Mike were in town to see the historic game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. If the Spurs come out on top they will have had an undefeated season on their home court. This has never been done.

If the Warriors win they will tie the Chicago Bulls for 72 wins in a season and have a chance at 73 to set a new mark.

I planned to watch the game with my friend Tracy Holtz Rock. My Vagabonding journey includes spending a couple of days with Tracy and her family. They love the Spurs.

Alex and Mike, who had driven over from New Mexico, weren’t just going to the game; they were going to be watching it from one of the owner’s boxes. It’s good to know people! I was almost as excited as they were.

Day 6 at Waxy

Barbara and Sandra

As the evening continued on, two lovely ladies, Barbara and Sandra, sat down on the other side of me. They were visiting San Antonio on a mission of fun. We had a delightful conversation.

People are interesting. I love hearing their stories. Life on the road is everything I imagined. San Antonio Rocks.

The Vagabond Novelist gives Waxy O’Conners a 31 out of 37.


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    I missed the food picture, I live through your food photos!

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