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Day 14: Sunset from a Ghost Town

blue map of TexasSunday was another beautiful day on the bus but it was time to do some exploring. I’m staying at Tin Valley Retro Rentals which is near the Terlingua Ranch Lodge. The lodge is about thirty miles from the ghost town of Terlingua.

History is fascinating, so visiting a town entirely inhabited by the lost souls of the dearly departed was a draw for me. It turns out they don’t have any ghosts in residence, but the old buildings were nice and the walking map, which I picked up for a suggested donation of $1.00, gave me a bit of history as I walked around.     Day 14 Terlingua Ghost Town II

Up the path, after the mine, I made it to an old hotel where the second floor was partially gone. Three Harleys were parked outside and a gentleman from a couch out front got up to greet me. He invited me over.

The couch and two other chairs looked out over the most amazing view of the Chisos Mountains. It was the sort of people meeting I’d always dreamed about when building the idea of The Vagabond Novelist.

Robert, the man who invited me over, had a great red beard and could really tell a story. It was his third stay at the hotel, which has only two rooms (and need to be booked a year in advance). It was James and Glen’s first trip down.Day 14 James Robert and Glen

We spent about an hour looking out over the desert, telling stories, and talking about our dreams for the future. Robert was great at telling me all about Big Bend National Park. It sounded so great, in fact, that I decided to extend my stay at the bus. I had much more to see.

I thanked them for letting me sit with them a while and went on the rest of the tour through town. It didn’t take long and I ended up back where I’d come in. Robert had recommended the Starlight Theatre, so named because a storm blew off the theatre’s roof at one point and they just went with it. I love that.Day 14 Starlight Theatre I

Now, the theatre is a restaurant. It’s a thing in Terlingua for people to gather there every night and watch the amazing sunset as it lights up the mountains in Big Bend National Park, about thirty miles away (but it seems like two). I had to wait a little bit but with a view like that I didn’t mind at all.

The prices at the Starlight Theatre seemed a little pricy until I tasted the food. My dinner (pictured) was delicious and Bob, my server, was nice. Day 14 Starlight Theatre IIAll the tables at the Starlight have different art on them that tell a unique story. It was packed and all the servers really had to keep hopping.

The Vagabond Novelist gives The Starlight Theatre a 32 out of 37.

At the end of the day I had done some exploring and realized that the Terlingua/Big Bend National Park has a lot to offer. I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.

It was a perfect Vagabond day.


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  1. Steve Hardin

    Could you elaborate on that meal? What was it?

    • extremelyavg


      I honestly don’t remember the details of what made up the meal. It was delicious, I remember that, and the sauce had white wine in it, but beyond that I’m afraid I’ve forgotten.

      The vagabond novelist needs to do a better job of taking notes.


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